Question by  preetishailgarg (19)

What is a pug dog's heat cycle?


Answer by  Deem (199)

A pug's heat cycle usually lasts between 21 and 30 days with 21 to 24 days being the average number of days.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Heat begins anywhere from 6-15 months old, and occurs approximately every 6 months (lasting 2-4 weeks). There will likely be some blood (use a doggy diaper if there is lots); other signs are an enlarged vulva and more attention from males. Have her spayed to avoid any problems.


Answer by  nikkisons (30)

first off when a dog is in heat it can become pregnant if the dog mates with a male during her cyle.Most female dogs go in to heat around six months old some may start sooner or later then that.The average female dogs heat cycle last three weeks or 21-days and may get pregnant during her heat cycle.


Answer by  julib (74)

Any dogs heat cycle will start when they are between 6-9 months and should last for about a month. This should happen every 6 months.


Answer by  worker7595 (34)

A pug dog's heat cycle is when a female pug menstruates. This usually begins 6-15 months old. It last 2 to 4 weeks.


Answer by  sophie65 (69)

Heat cycles begin at 6 months of age and last for about 3 weeks. They will usually reoccur every 6 months, and sometimes once a year.

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