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Question by  bbb (54)

What is a possible cause of leg weakness in cats?


Answer by  Usakoinwonderland (70)

Leg weakness in cats can be caused by a wide range of illnesses. Neurological orders such as epilepsy can cause this. Other causes can be diabetes, hypokalemia, an injury to the Achilles tendon, hyperthyroidism as well as liver or kidney problems. Because this could be a symptom of so many different diseases it's necessary to have a vet evaluate it.


Answer by  jamiec (74)

Epileptic seizures in cats can cause hind leg weakness. There are also neurological disorders that can cause this. They are;Feline Hypertension, Brain tumors,Inflammatory disease,Parasites, Distemper,Poisoning, Toxoplasmosis, Feline Hyperesthesia (the last one is rarely recognized, but often found. It could also be Chronic Renal Failure, but there are a variety of other n symptoms that go along with that.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

Is it having problems with one leg or all of them. In one leg its probably an injury. In all of them then it could be something such as arthritis.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

Cats get weaker as they get older, to the point they just can't jump anymore. It could also be a clot cutting off circulation to the back legs. You should probably take the cat to the vet. Your vet can tell you what's up with your particular kitty, and can possibly solve any problems, or at least make kitty comfortable.


Answer by  trinkle (60)

Leg weakness in a cat can be caused by a number of things, and it's best to have your pet checked by a vet if you notice a problem. It's not unusual for weakness in the legs to be caused by a spinal injury or arthritis. Another possibility is a stroke, especially in older cats.


Answer by  slcjke (13)

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is where the heart muscle of the cat becomes thickened and results in the heart malfunctioning. With this condition one of signs is weakness in the rear legs.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Kidney failure, injury, poisoning, distemper, feline leukemia can all cause weakness in limbs, as can arthritis and many other issues. You need a vet's diagnosis.


Answer by  worker1041 (58)

I believe that the possible cause of the leg weakness in cats is because they lie down and sleep so much.

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