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Question by  KathyM21 (26)

What does it mean if your throat feels like it is closing up?


Answer by  Veetzy (376)

If you feel like your throat is closing up, you are having very severe allergic reaction to something. Your body has become overwhelmed by the allergen and needs help. Immediate medical attention is required. This is called anaphylaxis.


Answer by  JM (125)

When this event occurs, it is usually associated with allergic reactions, spasms, or constriction that decreases the opening and decreases flow of oxygen to your lungs.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

There could be some tonsillitis infection that could be causing the blockage. Medical check up can easily figure this out accurately.


Answer by  Anonymous

well my throat feels like this,i have been told that i have tonsilitus,but the doctor said it could have posibally been an alergic reaction,so theres your answer?


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

You could be allergic to something and be having an allergic reaction to something that you ate or something around you.

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