Question by  miken (46)

What does it mean if my dog has yellow snot?

My dog does not seem to have anything else wrong with her.


Answer by  tofuturk (581)

Nasal discharge from a dog is unusual. It could be a respiratory infection like canine influenza or bortadella. Check with your vet to see if antibiotics are required.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, if it has yellow snot, then that means your dog could be sick. It could be an internal problem. Does your dog eat regularly? have you noticed any other changes? other than that, if you don't see any problems, there could still be some internal reaction to the cold or temperature.


Answer by  Lore (174)

Yellow snot is usually an indication of some sort of infection. The dog could have a sinus infection. Or if you live in an area that has something such as foxtail grass, she could have gotten a foxtail or something else up in her nose.


Answer by  GinaD (400)

Yellow mucus in humans usually means a bacterial infection. I assume that this would be true for dogs, too. Hope this helps.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

With the time of year it is she may be suffering from environmental allergies and if so it will go away on it's own. If you are really worried call the vet tell them what is happening and try to get them to let you bring her in for evaluation.


Answer by  LadyBug4 (168)

It could be a sinus infection, allergies, just like us. Antibiotics will help, talk to your vet and he/she should be able to find the cause with a checkup.


Answer by  ofnik (409)

There may be a number of reasons for this problem, for example the cause could be a fungus. The best way to assess and solve this problem is to take your dog to the vet so he/she can examine it.


Answer by  scyllatwo (226)

If your dog is in otherwise generally good shape, I'd tell the pooch to cut back on whatever lemony or banana type products he or she's been overeating. If that isn't the problem, I'd invest in a big box of Kleenex and be patient.

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