Question by  fam (18)

What does a cantaloupe plant look like? How do cantaloupes grow?


Answer by  Amy71 (7)

Cantaloupes, like watermelons and tomatoes, grow on vines. The plant will be low and bushy, with broad, flat leaves. Yellow flowers form, which (if female) develop into the actual melon only after being pollinated by bees and/or other insects. Cantaloupe plants are usually grown in the ground, although seedlings may be started indoors to prevent damage from frost.


Answer by  hartford (506)

Cantaloupes are melons that grow along the ground. The plant sprawls out with tendrils and eventually yellow, tubular flowers. When pollinated the flowers develop into melons.


Answer by  Anonymous

Have a plant that looks very much like a cantalope plant,The yellow tubular flower has started to sorta roll up [looks like a yellow rose bud] could this be a cantalope plant? And do I need to do anything special to it ,fertilizer or something.

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