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Question by  Dinder (22)

What could cause the palms of my hands to hurt?

I have not done anything different and yet the palms of my hands are throbbing.


Answer by  blue25 (346)

It could hurt due to amount of stress it get. like pushing alot of pressure on it. if you woke up and your palm hurt, it is probably due to sleeping on the hand. if it just hurt all of a sudden, it could be you might have pull some muscle inside.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

If you go from a very cold environment to warmth, the blood flows back into the extremeties and stimulates throbbing or stabbing pain in the hands. Is it possible this is your case?


Answer by  ujwalraimjoshi (729)

Unintentional wrong sleeping posture, any sudden muscle pain or lifting/pulling of heavvy material could be the cause of hands throbbing.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

One of the most common reasons that the palms of your hands may hurt and/or throb could be that they have gotten too cold.

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