Question by  kevin28 (188)

What could cause open sores in underarm area?


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Open sores in the underarm area are often caused by moist skin rubbing against other skin or clothing. It can be eliminated and prevented with moisture absorbing powder which will also act as a lubricant for the skin such as talcum powder. Keep the area as dry as possible and apply a moisturizer after bathing.


Answer by  tubeth2000 (104)

Use the Gold Bond powder on you underarms daily. It's medicated talc that does the trick. Usually within a couple of days the redness clears. Also some people are allergic to deodorants, it's mainly the anti-perspirant and not the deodorant.


Answer by  Pooja (74)

The hygine of the skin is the most important factor in this regard. Kindly ensure that the skin in this area is always patted dry after taking bath. Dirt, sweat and wearing tight fitted clothes are one of the reason for the same. Hence keep it dry and clean.


Answer by  janu (53)

underarm and underknees are the areas which doesnot expose to air,so we sweat alot in those areas. Sweating may lead to open sores. So I suggest you to clean the underarms thoroughly while taking bath and apply powder in that area to avoid sweat.


Answer by  Anonymous

pH control deoderant helps me sometimes.. It at least removes the friction and pain.. Other times the sores will entirely disappear for a few weeks.

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