Question by  Clement (1453)

What can cause a loud hum in your front wheels?


Answer by  priya68 (12)

First check your power steering pump by a car mechanic. Then check the front Left wheel bearing. if the tires are good with plenty of tread left and does not appear to have cupping or feathering on the tires, then it would indicate a bad wheel bearing.


Answer by  bmurph80 (91)

When the wheel bearings are worn and start to seize up. That can cause a loud hum from your vehicles front wheels. When this humming occurs take your vehicle to the shop or repair it before the bearings come appart and tear up the whole hub assembly. That will save you alot of time and money.


Answer by  les59 (852)

This could be a problem with brakes, rotors or rims of your vehicle. Have a certified professional check out everthing from the brakes to the rubber of the tires.

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