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Question by  revathi (12)

What are the best natural treatments for plantar fibromatosis?


Answer by  Divalicious (99)

After some research I've come to the conclusion that either surgery or injection therapy is the way to deal with your medical issue. Some people have advocated natural treatments but not one of them said they were able to cure their problem. Contact your physician and talk it over.


Answer by  DixieDaisy (112)

Contact a specialist in acupuncture in your area. Make sure that they have the proper certifications. Acupuncture is an alternative therapy and treatment for many issues including those of the feet and hands. You will receive pain relief and may also be able to reduce or eliminate the fibroid mass.

Reply by HemmedIn3 (30):
I believe in a blend of east and west when it comes to medical treatments. Definitely consult an acupuncturist. My hubby almost died cuz of Hep C and between treatment and herbs he has gotten better!  add a comment

Answer by  SookiesHere (119)

I used physical therapy and deep tissue massage to try to treat mine. I couldn't find any homeopathic remedies that anyone said worked and wound up with a little less pain but I still have the plantar fibromatosis. Good luck with your treatment. I wish you lots of luck.


Answer by  isabelannhansen (5)

I have also plantar fibroma on both feet...after reading comments from people who have undergone surgery I feel there must be another way! I am also for a holistic or natural cure. I read about a lady who was cured using Bowen Therapy. I am trying, no luck so far.

posted by Anonymous
Has anyone tried DMSO for fibromas? It is supposed to be effecive in reducing scar tissue and easily penetrates the skin. Wonder if it would help in reducing size of fibromas. It reduces pain also.  add a comment
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