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Question by  wwhisnant (38)

What are the best aquarium plants for a platys?

I have a platys and need to know what the best plants are.


Answer by  jakeman0074 (79)

When it comes to this very hearty breed you have many options. The most commonly used being the Java Fern, and the Cabombia. Both plant types provide plenty of cover.


Answer by  Worksforme (467)

Nitella is a good plant that dose not root. It has a fine, long main stem that thin filaments grow from in all directions. It will also make a good hiding place for baby fish.


Answer by  zandjyo (19)

Java moss and java fern are both good choices for platy tanks as both are generally not palatable to most fish and easy to maintain over a wide range of light conditions and temperatures.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Platys enjoy a range of plants. Broad leaf plants like a sword plant will be durable and are pretty. Floating plants are good, too. The more common floating plants make a good hiding place for fry.


Answer by  sharonl (250)

Cryptocoryne wendtii are hardy plants. Java fern is another hardy plant that grows relatively big. Anacharis is another good one. Some people get amazon sword plants but they require alot of light as well as a deep gravel bed. Duckweed provides cover and shade and is easy to get.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

Platys get along with most other fish as well as plants. The young like bushy plants to hide in. A plant that has a long main stem with thin filaments which grow in all directions is the Nitella. Two other plants which cover a lot of space are the Cabombia and the Java Fern.


Answer by  DEscobedo (135)

Platys can live and thrive with any plant really but the plants that they will thrive the most with would be java fern, java moss, water wisteria, anubias, hygrophilas and water sprite. Also indian fern are great cover for the platys new born to prevent them from being eaten by bigger platys.


Answer by  nel (12)

They like plants that float. This is in order for them to hide. Also use busy plants as well. Look for Java fern or Java moss for your fishtank as these plants work well for platys.


Answer by  jody1723 (65)

Platy's like plants that are position on the back and sides of the aquarium, they should be loosely arranged so they can swim in and out of the plants. There are no suggestions on a specific type of plant that you should use.

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