Question by  Missmelissa (69)

When do platys give birth?

I have a platys that is pregnant.


Answer by  cmoore (20)

They get very fat before they give birth, depending on the size of the mother. They start swimming eratically up and down the side of the tank. If the mom is light colored, you will be able to see little black dots on her skin. This is the babies showing that they are just about ready to be born.


Answer by  Anonymous

Make sure u seperate her from other fish if u have any other fish because she will give birth to them only when she is seperated (she feels intimidated by theother fish) and then seperate them when the babies r born becuz she will eat them if u dont.....ur welcome


Answer by  jcsmith (23)

The Platys fish is live bearing. For larger, healthier fry (baby Platys) feed the mother live food in addition to regular food during pregnancy. When giving birth, separate the mother from other fish in the aquarium, she is not a danger to her young during the first 12 hours of birth. After that, she will eat them.


Answer by  armywife (14)

The gestation on platy fish is about four to five weeks. After birth remove fry to a safe location, the mother may eat them.


Answer by  worker2376 (42)

When she swim sudden dashes from one spot to another is a sign of very close to giving birth and continues to do this while she is dropping her fry.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

The gestation period in the platypus is believed to be two to three weeks. Once she lays her eggs, they should hatch in about ten or so more days. Mating platypuses are so rarely seen the information isn't entirely agreed upon by scientists. By the way, can you identify the father?

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