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Question by  sophie34 (7)

What are some natural remedies to a high platelet count?


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

You can help normalize with diet. You want foods high in Omega 3, such as fish, walnuts and safflower oil. Do not eat anything high in gluten ans that will raise your high platelet count even more.


Answer by  Nagarajan (10)

Drinking the milk with date surup. Make a juice or carrot and beetroot and mix it with milk this will help to improve the platelet count. Drink spinach juice atleast thrice a week is the effective remedy. consuming pappaya is also powerful remedy.


Answer by  Vivi55 (287)

If the high count is due to chronic inflammation, there are many anti-inflammatory herbs that can help ease the condition. These include oregano, fennel, rosemary, thyme, and cilantro. Carrots are also high in anti-inflammatory compounds.


Answer by  Anonymous

Can French pine bark reduce platelet

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