Question by  fleurdelizfilrose (16)

What are some good flutes for 9 years olds in a school band?

I don't want to spend a lot of money but I want to get a decent one.


Answer by  RandomGuy (138)

Unless your 9 year old is dreaming of becoming a professional flute player and this is just for band assignments, I would recommend the Etude Model EFL-100. Its classified as a student flute in the title and is fairly cheap in the flute world. It'll do the job.


Answer by  tessamalk (466)

Armstrong has some very good student-level flutes for reasonable prices. Selmer is another good brand. Avoid open-holed instruments as they are harder to play. Consider buying a used instrument; music stores generally have them in good condition and for lower prices.


Answer by  JHouston (24)

My suggestion for you is to not spend a lot of money. There are several woodwind and brass sites that sell beginner flutes for as low as $99. The flute I bought for my daughter was a used etude student model for $78 used! You can save a lot of money buying used.


Answer by  jen3652007 (6)

The best flute would be a Yamaha beginner flute with closed holes, off set G, and C foot. These can be bought new or used at a relatively low price.


Answer by  MilkChocolateToffee (5)

Yamaha and Armstrong has popular, cheap, introductory flutes that has good mechanics. Since kids tend to break things (I was one :) )...

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