Question by  ED70 (21)

What are some creative things a family can do in the evening that does not involve watching tv?

My family seems to spend so much time in front of the tv, and so little with each other.


Answer by  munteanflorina (84)

Theoretically there are many activities a family can do together, but all of them involve more effort than sitting put, watching TV and perhaps eating some snacks. They can go for a walk in the park,play cards or have a evening out around a restaurant table, with a light meal.


Answer by  Irene (104)

Try to spend some time with your family during dinner, it is always a great bonding experience to talk about the day's events while you are all seated around the dinner table. Also, a family game night is a good idea, pick a fun board game which you may all enjoy.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

Families can do crafts or hobbies. They can read books out loud to each other. They can help children with homework. They can play games, such as cards or board games. They can make scrapbooks of their lives, including pictures and mementos, to be added to frequently.

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