Question by  MajorKae (26)

It is safe to use Vicks Vaporub during pregnancy?


Answer by  Jordan10 (143)

Yes, it is okay to use Vicks Vaporub. Do not consume the Vaporub though, this could be harmful to both you and the baby.


Answer by  Yahooosearch (66)

It is not harmful to use.Any medicine taken internally may be harmful during pregnancy.Any thing applied externally is not harmful, so it can be used during pregnancy time.


Answer by  rosen (218)

Vicks vaporub is not so dangerous if we use during pregnancy.However, it is safe to avoid it as it may have some side effects as raising blood pressure .This is of some doctor's opinion.


Answer by  benjiross (993)

Vicks vaporub rubbed anywhere or just applied near the nostrils is not absorbed much into the body. It has not been shown to be harmful when used in pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

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