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Question by  worker12 (293)

Is my hamster sick?


Answer by  lucky1 (13)

Just because hamsters are small, doesn't mean they don't have big problems. Signs that your hamster is sick may also be signs you would give off. If there is a change in your hamster's appetite or water intake, they may not feel well. You should consult your vet right away.


Answer by  fuzzygarfield (65)

Common signs that your hamster may be sick include loss of appetite, decreased activity, decreased or excessive grooming, or diarrhea. If your hamster has these signs, contact a veterinarian.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

If you suspect your hamster is sick, then take him/her to a vet who specialises in rodents ASAP. The little critters can go downhill very fast. Signs of illness include stopping eating/drinking, limping or paralysis after being dropped, lumps (tumors), wet tail due to unsanitary cage conditions, and runny eyes.


Answer by  drewdaddy (55)

Small animals require quick response time when they become sick, because they cannot handle much stress. Some things to keep an eye on are erratic behaviour, hair loss, loss of appetite, and labored breathing. If you enconter any of these problems consult with a vet immediately.

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