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Question by  worker4781 (14)

Is apple cider vinegar a good treatment for anxiety?


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

Many alternative therapists recommend apple cider vinegar for a range of ailments, including anxiety, depression and other mood disturbances. Usually the sufferer is told to take one tablespoon of an organic brand every day. The taste and smell of cider vinegar is very strong. Because of this, you need to take it with water and brush your teeth.


Answer by  heavensent (241)

Apple cider vinegar may help in a way as it has vitamins and minerals but the most natural means is by meditation through breathing and relaxation exercises. Herbs like St. John's Wort is also a known natural remedy. But if anxiety is severe you may seek medical advice.


Answer by  Anonymous

Childhood anxiety is more effectively treated with Cognitive Behavior Therapy than with medication/supplements.

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