Question by  Kimb (4)

In a monocytes blood test, what is the normal range?


Answer by  henners (568)

The normal range for the monocytes in a blood test is between forty and nine hundred with those at thelower at greater risk of bacterial infections.


Answer by  leize (222)

The normal monocyte count for a normal healthy human is as follows: Monocytes (Mono) Specimen: Blood, Conventional Units: 4-10%, SI Units: 0. 04-0. 10


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Monocytes comprise a very small fragment of the blood cells present. The range varies from laboratory to laboratory, but an average range for monocytes may by 1 - 7 cells per one hundred counted, usually leaning towards the lower number.


Answer by  nairjula (559)

Monocyte is one of the types of white blood cells. Only a differential blood count test will reveal the monocyt count. The normal range of monocyte count is 0-7%.


Answer by  Anonymous

My test reading for monocyte is 11% is this good or bad

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