Question by  kilua (86)

How often do parakeets molt?

I just got a parakeet.


Answer by  JulieL (12)

Parakeets begin to molt for the first time at six months old. Then they will molt at one year. After that they will molt once yearly. The molting should last for about a month.


Answer by  wantabemedic (345)

Twice a year is how often most parakeets molt. A heavy molting period can last up to a week but new feathers should come in soon after.


Answer by  rwhytock (106)

All birds moult either once or twice a year. A parakeet will normally moult just once per year. The moult will begin with the smaller down feathers and these will be noticed in abundance in the birds cage before the larger primary and tail feathers begin to drop out. The larger feathers will normally moult one pair at a time.


Answer by  ellerbellerz (141)

They lose some feathers all year round, with heavy molting twice a year. New feathers look like straight tubes- they unroll later.


Answer by  KLR (606)

Usually, birds molt once per year, although they lose feathers all year round. In a full molt, almost all of the bird's feathers are replaced. Molting is very strenuous on the bird and therefore occurs during less stressful times. Parakeets usually go through their first molt a few weeks after leaving the nest, and then once per year afterwards.


Answer by  darcyn77 (321)

Parakeets molt twice a year, or every six months. When they are under one year old, they could molt more often. Parakeets won't molt all their feathers at once, so you may not notice a molt, aside from feathers on bottom of the cage..

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