Question by  worker4022 (18)

How much sugar is there in Kool-Aid Jammers?

My kids love them.


Answer by  Monaraj (31)

There is 19-25 g of sugar on average in 177ml of Kool-Aid Jammers, depeding on the flavor. No wonder kids are addicted to them . The calorie content per serving is also very high around ranging from 67 -90 Kcal per serving. I got this information from Kraft foods website which manufactures all Kool Aid products.


Answer by  CC63 (406)

There is a ton of sugar in all kool-aid products, so I would avoid Koo-Aid Jammers for your children if possible. There are other substitutes that taste just as great, such as Capri-Sun and also Apples & Eve just boxes, which are naturally flavored and a lot better for you!


Answer by  angelaira1 (83)

Kool Aid Jammers contain 25 grams of sugar per pouch. 25 grams of sugar is the equivalent of 6 teaspoons!

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