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Question by  MotherOf4 (22)

How do you transfer a video to your PC?


Answer by  vaneeya (45)

To transfer a video to your PC, simply drag the video icon (from a CD, USB, Harddrive, Memory card) onto the desktop or folder you want to store the video.


Answer by  DactyL (326)

It depends on what type of camera you use. I use a JVC Everion. It requires me to plug a drive into the PC and then i choose "Import" on the camera menu. Every type of camera will usually have its own hardware to upload videos and pictures to a computer.


Answer by  Hypothesis (12)

Insert the DVD you want to copy to Your PC. Then, You need to click on the start button on your computer. Then Click on Computer, and then right click on your cd/dvd drive. Left click on copy, and then go to your desktop and paste the video.


Answer by  schwartz (4)

It depends where you want to transfer the video from. If you want to transfer video from a camera then connect the camera via a USB cable that probably came with your camera to the PC. Modern PCs will detect the new device you just connected and instruct you on your next options.

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