Question by  lulu899 (56)

How do you get rid of pigeons?


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

Pigeons, like many 'pest' species, generally only occupy a space for two reasons. It has food or it is a reasonably safe place for them to rest. The best way to remove them is to remove the food source they are eating. If that doesn't work, then closing up or otherwise making their roosting place inhospitable is the next step.


Answer by  simonsro (65)

If they are roosting in your buildings, the first thing to do would be to chase them out and seal up the entrance they are using. If they are just there to eat, then do your best to remove the food source. There are bird traps available, but I don't think relocation works well due to the homing instinct.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

There is no natural pigeon control. Therefore, you must take other measures and make it uncomfortable for the pigeons. Shut off any entrances to attics and other places they might be roosting. They like ledges and other high places, so check thoroughly for nests and eliminate them. Eliminate water sources and any other things around outside areas.

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