Question by  Lissa (31)

How do you care for a baby Quaker parrot?


Answer by  Birdgirl (11)

Caring for a baby quaker parrot is just like caring for any other baby bird. If the bird is not yet weaned they take a lot of extra around the clock care including syringe feedings every couple of hours. Powdered bird formula can be purchased at your local pet shop as well as the syringes.


Answer by  MeganC731 (20)

Socializing young parrots is crucial to raising a healthy happy member of your family. Quaker parrots can sometimes become nippy so it's important to handle them often and feed them a well rounded fresh diet. Lots of exercise, toys, and training tricks will help keep your Quaker's mind stimulated and happy.


Answer by  Astec (12)

A baby Quaker parrot requires a lot of attention from the owner. Because the parents are not available,the bird should be fed well with edible seeds like sunflower seeds, should have plenty of water to drink, and should have a comfortable cage that is kept warm and dry.


Answer by  Hammy (244)

It's really important to make sure the baby is warm all the time. Keep the cage in a warm area and maybe even put up a basking light.

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