Question by  JimMoriarty (20)

What should I know about raising a Quaker parrot?

I want to get one for a pet and need to know everything.


Answer by  patti (29325)

This space is too limited to list "everything" to know. Research at the library, online and ask for book recommendations at the pet shop before you purchase a parrot.


Answer by  mdfloyd (131)

Go to the library or bookstore and read all you can about parrots that's been published from 1990 to the present. Do research on the web, such as joining a Yahoo group about Quakers where you can talk to Quaker owners. We learn new things about parrots everyday.


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

That they need human contact and interraction to be social birds. If not they will be wild and not tame and may bite you.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

Quaker parrots, especially hand-reared babies can make a great pet. However, first consider their noise level. They are loud and are particularly vocal at sunrise and sunset. They are also considered to be agricultural pests in certain states and are illegal to keep as pets. They can get messy (droppings/seed husks) and would need play time outside of cage everyday.


Answer by  montree (354)

It takes alot of devotion and tenderness to raise a Quaker parrot. It is best to have a pair rather than a single parrot. Quakers thrive on fruit and vegetables but you should feed your parrot some legumes and pasta. You should also buy a cage with an efficient amount of room for exercise.

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