Question by  worker85 (43)

How do tulips multiply?


Answer by  ddude (16)

The bulbs of a tulip plant will generate new bulbs at the end of the growing season. You can divide the bulbs to multiply your blooms


Answer by  GreenGoblin (39)

Tulips can multiply by either by setting seed, where the flower is pollenated; or by the main bulb growing baby bulbets under ground. These small bulbs will grow into individual tulip plants but may take several years to grow to full size.


Answer by  muzikpimp420 (21)

The big bulbs on tulips split therefore turning into more flowers. Throughout the winter time they can brown up but don't dig them up because they will come back stronger than before. If you want a tulip to multiply simply just give it time and it will slowly but surely!


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Tulips spread by bulblets, seeds, and stolons. It can possibly take several years for this to happen. Leave dead flowers as they will spread from the seeds.

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