Question by  LolaNova (36)

How do I prune an Alberta Spruce?


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

The Alberta Spruce is a dwarf tree with a naturally conical shape. Pruning is by shearing, to perfect the overall shape, or if you prefer a ball or a pyramid.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Trim back only to the point that the green growth is still growing. Do this annually for best results. Air and light must be allowed to reach "inside" of spruce in order to remain healthy. Trimming this spruce leaving "pom poms" allows for this to happen. These trees grow slowly.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

The same as any other tree. Use a ladder though and wear gloves because you do not want to lose your hands.


Answer by  quada13 (139)

Cut back as far as the green growth is still being produced. They will continue to grow, so sheer them on a regular basis.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

Pruning an Alberta spruce is just like pruning a tree. However there is a technique of doing it for you to display its beauty and aesthetic value. Do not over sheer the greener part to the point of exposing the brown part.

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