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Question by  JonEMN2 (46)

How do I get rid of brown spots in my lawn?


Answer by  dante54 (347)

Re-sod the places that are brown and lay down some fresh grass seed. To prevent them, keep animals out of your yard, urine spots will make the grass die.


Answer by  GeoffKeoghyahoocom (466)

This can be done by making sure every part of your lawn is thoroughly watered, especially in very hot dry months. Also, it helps to fertilize and treat your yard for weeds.


Answer by  KathySJ (102)

It may also be necessary to plant seeds or use a hydroseed product to help get rid of the dead grass. Then create a lawn maintenance plan including pesticides, fertilizer and water. Once the plan is created you need to follow it to a tee.


Answer by  renee (354)

I have a dog and when she goes outside to pee,we water the area that she just peed,her urine has to much nitrogen in it which makes the lawn brown.


Answer by  DraftEm (244)

Water in the morning can help get rid of brown spots on your lawn. You can also use fertilizer, and be sure not to mow when it is hot.


Answer by  hankadoo (148)

Brown spots in your lawn could be the result of not enough water, to much nitrogen, or both. Regular, thorough watering of the areas in question combats both potential problems. If you have an automatic irrigation system, check it to make sure water is reaching the areas that are brown. Also, encourage your dog(s) to focus their attentions elsewhere.


Answer by  Anonymous

check for grubs - carefully lift a peice of turf - dig one inch down - look for the white critters


Answer by  ace (237)

brown spots are usually dog or cat wee or to much feed has burnt the grass or poor drainage keep the pets off dont over feed and fork


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Properly maintaining you lawn should get rid of the brown spots. With a little bit of work and some patience you can get your lawn back up to the condition you desire. Fertilize your lawn with an organic fertilizer every 6-8 weeks. Keep the grass tall by setting your mower blade on high.

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