Question by  lotion33 (48)

How could I tell if my dog has a pinched nerve in his hip?


Answer by  pushi (30)

It starts when the dog refuses to jump, also he drags its toes on one or both behind legs. In a further stage he will take uneven or small steps with one or both behind legs.


Answer by  Tessa (55)

A pinched nerve in a dog will cause numbness down one leg. Take something that you can lightly prick the dog with, such as the tip of a clean safety pin. Gently touch the dog in each leg. If there is no reaction in one leg, there is numbness.


Answer by  carlo40 (18)

you can see his or her legs swelling or they can walk with 4 feet you will see them disable for a moment but do not worry it will back to its orginal walking thats all i know in the animals just take care of your dog. dogs are mans best friend


Answer by  Anonymous

dog will be in a lot of pain, wont want to get up and walk around and will be extremely sensitve to touch in the hip area where his nerve is pinched. He should see a vet if he is in pain


Answer by  Leeluckie (4)

My dog isn't using his right back leg like he should and when he runs he sometimes trips his other leg. He drags that foot and the toe nails are warn down. He also curls his toes under when he stands, like a horse does at rest.


Answer by  ranica (184)

as you can see if a nerve is pinched in dog hip, it would be painful for the dog, so better try to consult your veterinarian to see if there is something wrong with your dog.

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