Question by  GiorgioSironi (24)

Does hydrocodone get old?


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

Yes, like any other drug, hydrocodone has a shelf life and an expiration date. Drugs that are used after their expiration date may become weaker or stronger depending on their chemical composition. Don't take a medicine after the expiration date on the bottle!


Answer by  lldevil02 (35)

Yes, hydrocodone, as well as any other medicines, do age and it dose lose its efficacy. This means, that it does not work as well as it would if it was "new" and therefore will not be as effective in treating your pain. Unfortunately this is why medicines (as well as other things, like food) have expiration dates.


Answer by  Darla67 (68)

Yes. Hydrocode becomes less effective after it's expiration date but it won't kill you. Make sure you don't take too many as the tylenol in it might.


Answer by  Angela67 (11)

All drugs get old. As they age, they may lose their potency. Some drugs become unstable and may cause harm to you if taken. Hydrocodone is one of the drugs that loses it's potency. Improper storage also leads to the drug losing it's strength. One of the worse places to store your medicine is the medicine cabinet in your bathroom.

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