Question by  lisak (52)

Can lavender plants grow in Arizona?

I am moving there soon.


Answer by  dubhreubel (501)

You can grow a lavender in Arizona, but you should consider it a winter annual. It is much too hot in Arizona to (reliably) keep a lavender plant alive in the summer months.


Answer by  Rivka (217)

You should have no trouble growing lavender in Arizona. It is recommended that you start from cuttings. Starting from seeds takes forever. Growing conditions for lavender: Plant hardiness zones from 5-8 Soil pH 7. 1 (lime) Light well drained soil Full sun Protect from summer and winter winds.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

Due to the extreme heat in summer, it is best to plant it where it will get morning sun and afternoon shade. Make sure it is well watered until established.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Of course, this really depends on your Zone, and Arizona spans the zones from 1-6. Many lavenders will do quite well, but you need to consult your zone to see which genus, and whether to grow inside or out. With your great growing conditions, I'm sure you will find one.


Answer by  spyman0071 (86)

They don't grow naturally but you can grow them yourself. You have to take special care to them when their little then after they're grown they can be put outside.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Lavender grows well in Arizona. Plant it in well drained sandy soil. You can let the soil dry between watering.

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