Question by  Empathy (51)

At what age are male dogs able to breed?


Answer by  Camarko (44)

Male dogs go through puberty around five to six months of age. Larger breeds are sometimes slower to develop. Once the dog reaches puberty, they are technically fertile. If you are planning to breed a dog, however, it is generally recommended that one wait until the dog is fully grown, which is around one year old.


Answer by  gcmeyer2 (787)

Male dogs can breed at an early age. Once they reach 6 months to a year they can start to reproduce.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Males dogs are usually physically capable of breeding at around 6 months, but it is better to breed them when they are over a year so you can see their temperament and health properly.


Answer by  Loyola (378)

Dogs reach sexual maturity at approximately 6 months, with smaller breeds tending to mature sooner than larger breeds. Socially a dog matures about age 2, and should not breed before.


Answer by  WarrenR (116)

As with humans, the general age that dogs can breed--both male and female--become increasingly younger with improved diet and medical care. Some male dogs can breed at six months.

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