Question by  Joe31 (16)

Are Celestial Seasonings teas all caffeine-free?

I'm interested in herbal teas.


Answer by  dealsleuth (88)

Herbal teas are usually caffeine free. You can always check the label, it usually says if the tea if caffeine free. If the package says anything about black or green tea then it has caffeine in it. If it's labeled as herbal tea then it has no caffeine.


Answer by  kiradeleria (465)

Unless it says no-caffeine on the box, teas that are black, green, oolong, etc will most likely contain small amounts of caffeine. White tea contains little to no caffeine.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

As far as i know none of the herbal tea has caffine in it but if you do a net search on it you will be able to find out.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

All the teas that they sell in out grocery store are caffeine-free. I also use these teas to make flavored ice tea. The fruity flavors add a great taste.


Answer by  snessia (991)

No, but most of them are. There are about three dozen different caffeine free varieties from herbal, to red, to decaf green, white and chai.

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