Question by  ulisses (291)

Would you recommend Disney's All Star Sports Hotel?

We have 3 boys who love sports.


Answer by  Mskteer97 (17)

Yes, especially if you have younger boys. It is a very nice hotel with a large pool and a food court. The buildings are sports themed and fun. Ask to stay in a building near the bus stop when you reserve your room.


Answer by  sarah1967 (626)

All Star sports is a great Hotel to stay at with children. They have great pools and a great food court,all the Disney magic. Keep in mind rooms are small.


Answer by  Bluesky81 (6)

your boys will enjoy all the sport associated pictures, but I find the Disney's All Star sport a bit crowded with big groups who don't have enough supervisors.


Answer by  Disneyphan (529)

Absolutely not! The hotel is quite dumpy and rather torn up. Since it is one of Disney's "Value Resorts", they don't take care of it like the other resorts. The Sports theme isn't that impressive, either. Do yourself a favor and stay somewhere off property with larger rooms and other perks included, such as breakfast.

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