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Question by  ktegio (27)

Will the nvidia 8400 half life 2 still be good to use for gaming?

I have a nvidia 8400 and would like to use it for gaming.


Answer by  VinnieM (18)

According to Valve's list of requirements for Half-Life 2, a DirectX 7 level card is needed to run the game. While Nvidia's 8400 GPU is not geared toward gaming it will run Half-Life 2 fairly decently at medium graphics settings.


Answer by  bmc239 (70)

Some games may not run as smoothly on the nvidia 8400. I would recommend getting an 8500 if you have the money. If games do not run smoothly you can always lower the res and graphics of the game when you're playing.


Answer by  acehuman (19)

it can handle most of what your throw at it direct x10 games but it will also depend on how fast processor you have and how much ram you have


Answer by  T1 (36)

If you want to know how good your video card is, just download and run the game. If the screen does not load, blacks out, or lags than you should invest in a different video card to play games.


Answer by  PaintedRoadkill (504)

Yes! The graphic card you are using is still very good for gaming. My family uses it in our gaming computer. Just be sure to update regularly for best performance.


Answer by  Jmcbee (24)

The nvidia 8400 would be very good for gaming. It could definitely run Half-Life 2 at full settings and could also play newer games like Call of Duty 4.

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