Question by  secondbanana (289)

Will exercise help me if I frequently feel tired after eating?

I often feel very sleepy after eating. Are there specific exercises which will help me regain some energy?


Answer by  centurion (55)

It's recommended that you wait half an hour before becoming active, even a few minutes of cardio exercise - walking, jump roping, etc - usually helps to wake me up.


Answer by  juice (41)

Exercise will most definitely increase your overall energy level, but may not completely help feeling sluggish after eating. The biggest culprit from feeling tired after dinner is usually from over eating or going to long between meals. I would suggest eating smaller meals more frequently as opposed to 3 big meals. And keep exercising


Answer by  Alexa (9)

If you feel tired after eating, you need to get more oxygen into your body. This can be easily done with taking a walk, for example.


Answer by  Anonymous

Make sure you are getting the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat as well as enough calories per day to fuel your needs. If junk carbs (sweets, white breads, fruit juices) make up the majority of the carbs you eat, your body can also react poorly.


Answer by  misterhrcpins (455)

This depends on how much you are eating. You may be over eating which could lead to being tired. Try going for a walk after meals.

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