Question by  klmake1 (21)

Will an Xray show blood clots?


Answer by  azcuminer (74)

Normally no they will not. In order for blood clots to show on a radiograph, contrast dye is injected into the body and the dye is absorbed by the blood clot. Doing this then allows for the blood clot to show prominently on an X-ray.


Answer by  jaimesgirl (1055)

No. Xrays shows bone, metal, air, and some other objects, but it does not show blood vessels or blockages (such as clots) in those blood vessels.


Answer by  tc437369 (75)

I think an Xray will not show blood clots. Xrays are extremely powerful waves go through everything except a few specific objects, like bones. They then bounce back off of the bones and provide a picture of the skelliton. However, because it does not pick up anything else, i do not think it would pick up a blood clot


Answer by  Anonymous

My doctor ordered xray images of my chest because of a major DVT. Later she told me that there were no signs of blod clots...--- I am thinking of firing her.

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