Question by  Dainis (6)

Will a Leo man and a Sagittarius woman make a good couple?


Answer by  indogitrust (97)

Talk about fire! This dynamic duo will light the bedroom or the stage on fire. However, like so many combinations that burn brightly they also burn out fast. Ms. Sagittarius just has no interest in settling down and Mr. Leo needs way more attention than she can give him long term. They will likely part happily.


Answer by  Tamara29 (24)

Yes, She is grounded where he is up in the clouds but she won't let him walk all over her and he will love that.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

These signs tend to form a bond that is unshakeable. But this match will never be truly united if there is trouble at the beginning of the relationship. The couple who gets along from the start should always remain together.


Answer by  LianV (183)

Leo and Sagittarius often make a good combination. They thrive on the challenges they give each other and love passionately. Sagittarius inspires Leo to expand and explore their horizons which intrigues the Leo on an intellectual level. Leo's strong ability to stand firm on issues is a foundation that Sagittarius often needs. They compliment each other perfectly.

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