Question by  mack200 (35)

Why is my Ford Contour idling rough?


Answer by  reimotorsports (103)

A few good causes would be: worn spark plugs, worn spark wires, defective coil pack's, dirty mass air flow sensor, dirty throttle body, and/or loss of compression.


Answer by  case (1261)

If your Ford Contour is idling high that is a sign that your vehicle is suffering from a transmission issue. I suggest you find a high quality professional transmission mechanic to look at your Ford Contour. I also would get a second or a third opinion before I let any mechanic work on you car.


Answer by  bhalobasa (64)

you have to concentrate and look upon the EGR valve. Sometimes the passage of the valve is blocked. you need to clean it first. You can take help a tool called hand vacuum pump to check the passage of the valve. If it is open then close it tightly and block the mouth with a good seal.


Answer by  Taldan (4)

The simplest and cheapest solution would be to replace the air filter and spark plugs. Most of the time that will fix the problem, if you are still having trouble take your car in for a tuneup.


Answer by  chitraanilkumar (340)

The probable cause of rough idling are , Clogged Fuel filter, improper spark plugs, PCV valve, both O2 sensors, timing belt and tensioner, spark plug cables. first you check all these areas one by one. even you can suspect oil cooler also •

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