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Question by  kasen (46)

Why does only one of my eyes water frequently?


Answer by  Kay45 (24)

I wear contacts and one day I had a small piece of dirt get into my eye. When you have contacts, that feels like a giant boulder! I repeatedly rubbed that one eye, trying to get the dirt out, but I think I ended up causing a small scratch on my eye, which causes that one to water frequently.


Answer by  Halloraib (42)

There is a possibility that your one eye may have a cold in it. The other possibility is that your eye has a scratch on it.


Answer by  Deb48 (88)

There are several reasons why one of your eyes might be watering. An allergy-related irritated eye will water from irritants such as dust, pollen or animal dander. You may have a foreign object in your eye such as an eyelash or large piece of dirt. Also, a foreign object may have scratched your eye's surface, causing watering.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Your eye watering frequently could be because of allergies, change in makeup, or you have got an eye infection and it has not spread to your other eye yet. Wash with warm water frequently.

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