Question by  SethBailey (26)

Why does my Japanese red maple have brown leaf tips?


Answer by  Robinsbooks (164)

Many Japanese maples suffer from heat stress, particularly the first year they are planted. The leaves turn brown and curl at the ends. Heat stress can be caused by insufficient water in the summer, or because of the hot, warm summer winds. Japanese maples do like full sun, so do not worry that your tree is dying!


Answer by  Amy21 (460)

The Japanese red maple could have brown leaf tips for several reasons. One of them may be that it is not getting enough water daily. They require that they be watered atleast one time a day to obtain the maximn red color that they are bought for. ANother reason could be lack of sunlight


Answer by  JoeLarkin (32)

Your Japanese Red Maple may be suffering from salt damage. If planted close to a sidewalk or street, your tree may be suffering from salt damage. Salt spray can damage trees that are not salt tolerant. Discontinue salting within 20 feet of the tree or transplant it to a safer location away from salt.


Answer by  plehman (2)

Saltwater pool near by and the tree gets sprayed by pool cleaner often. Also I do not water this tree on a daily basis.


Answer by  MarshaKeeffer (74)

This is typical during the Fall season when trees that are not evergreen prepare to lose their leaves. The brown tips signal the start of that process. Eventually, the brown coloration spreads through the leaf and the leaf either falls from the tree or is shaken loose by wind or rain.

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