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Question by  TriniFigueroa (128)

Who is Ray Bradbury?

Is he still working?


Answer by  abrazo (175)

Ray Bradbury is a famous science-fiction author who has written such novels as "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Martian Chronicles". He is still alive still writes today.


Answer by  urbanlova (34)

Ray Bradbury was the author of the famous novel, Fahrenheit 451. He is no longer working, but was an acclaimed novelist who is often still widely discussed in classrooms and book clubs.


Answer by  Allen12 (47)

Ray Bradbury is a writer most well known for his science fiction novels and short stories. I believe he is still writing. His latest book, "Now and Forever", was published in 2007.


Answer by  Brian94588 (304)

He's a science fiction writer best known for the classic novel "Farenheit 451." His last book was published in 2007. He's in his late eighties so his health may be preventing him from writing.


Answer by  dcin (169)

Ray Bradbury is best known as a science fiction author. He is most famous for writing the classic novel Fahrenheit 451.

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