Question by  CLocke (17)

Which types of cocktails use soda water and vodka?


Answer by  Amanda99 (62)

Many possibilities, but here's just a few examples: a Mojito (Lime, Mint Leaves, Soda Water, Sugar, & White Rum), a Brandy Sour (Angostura Bitters, Brandy, Lemon Syrup and Soda Water), and a Rum Fizz (Brandy, Dark Rum, Soda Water, & Sweet and Sour). Try some – if you like it, there are plenty more.


Answer by  KW29 (163)

A vodka collins. All you need is like vodka, soda water, sour water, and orange and cherries for garnish. Also a vodka fizz cocktail. For this you need vodka, pineapple juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and soda water. Simple syrup is basically sugar and water brought up to a boil and then let cool.


Answer by  babylove (655)

I don't believe there is a drink that uses water in it, but there's alot that use soda and vodka. There's the obvious carbinated drink Redbull and Vodka, i've also heard of a drink called twisted rootbeer float, that uses rootbeer soda, rootbeer flavored vodka, and vanilla flavored vodka with a scoop of ice cream.


Answer by  bharms (107)

You can add anything to Vodka and Soda Water. This is a really healthy drink option, but it can get boring by itself. Try adding your favorite juice to the mix to give it personality. I use a splash of cranberry and grapefruit in mine to keep it interesting.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

There are tons of drink recipes out there that use those ingredients. Look for a drink recipes website like drinkmixer. com or webtender. com that let you search for drink recipes by ingredients.


Answer by  alz (2329)

Some people drink just vodka and soda water straight up. Putting grenadine in there would make it taste good, or even adding orange juice or cranberry juice would be good.


Answer by  LeonMMA (496)

well i'm not a drinker but i know many people that are drinking many types of cocktails that are using vodka or soda water


Answer by  Ashton (229)

They ueses two types of soda water and vodka like vodka lemon lime soda and soda mix vodka. some already mixed with soda water and vodka .

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