Question by  w14bmw (53)

Where is the best place to buy a Sea-Doo jet ski?


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

The best place to buy the jet ski is through the manufacturer itself. It is cheaper and you can have a better warranty then an outside retailer who will sell additional needed warranty.


Answer by  Andrew78 (153)

The best place to purchase or buy a Sea-Doo jet ski is at a recreational vehicle Sales Store. You can also try online or in the classifieds section of any news publication. Sometimes just asking people in the Jet Ski community can return some really good deals with current owners looking to sell.


Answer by  nineloc9 (70)

A licensed Sea-Doo dealer will give you the best variety and quality. You can search for a licensed dealer in your area at their website.


Answer by  Denardo (22)

The best place is at a Sea-Doo Dealership, these are usually located by lakes or resorts. Don't buy a used Sea-Doo or jet Ski as it is risky.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Sea-Doo jet ski's do not have a good reputation for durability. Its best to buy a new jet ski from a local dealer. Given the fact that people tend to really abuse jet skis its best to buy new and not used.


Answer by  Philc (50)

At any BRP Dealer in your area and if there is not a dealer near by then go online to ebay and check about getting it shipped to you from there location to yours


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

The best place to buy a Sea-Doo jet ski is to go to and order one online from there... it's quick and easy!

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