Question by  worker5466 (23)

Where can I find directions on how to make a Mickey Mouse cake?

My son loves Mickey Mouse and wants a Mickey birthday cake.


Answer by  leah84 (1043)

To find a Mickey Mouse cake, you could do an internet search. That would be the quickest, easiest way to find one. You could also go to your local bakery and see if they have a pan or outline of Mickey Mouse that you could either borrow or just have them use to make a cake.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Wilton and Disney make Mickey Mouse cake pan molds, or you can google how to make one, there are many, many websites that will walk you through with excellent tips.


Answer by  Jen99 (416)

Try using google. I am sure you will find tons of websites that provide directions. Another good place to check would be on YouTube. They might have some instructional videos.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

You could probably find directions online. All you need to do is make three round cakes and cut them to look like Mickey then decorate it.


Answer by  mediamaven (579)

You can start your search by visiting the hundreds of online cake recipe sites - there should be many that have Mickey Mouse cake recipes, in addition to trying food and dessert magazines that specialize in unique desserts, cakes and designs.


Answer by  Gus28 (683)

A Mickey Mouse cake requires a special cake pan, which is molded to look like Mickey Mouse! The type of cake you put inside is up to you -- yellow, white or chocolate. You can even use a box mix. When you take the cake out of the pan, you ice it to Mickey Mouse status.

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