Question by  svdbmitchell (26)

Where are El Pollo Loco restaurants located?

I moved from California to Ohio and I can't find a El Pollo location in the area.


Answer by  cynosure (376)

El Pollo Loco is predominantly a California/Southwestern chain restaurant, and unfortunately has not franchised substantially in your area. The closest El Pollo Locos to Ohio are in Summit, IL and St. Louis. The chain is growing into non-Western markets, though (VA, CT, the aforementioned IL and MO) so perhaps you will find yourself close to the crazy chicken again soon!


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

They are mostly in states where they have a large hispanic population. They are in California, Texas, New York and Florida. In fact I live in Florida and there are several that gets very busy. Since Ohio is not really known as having many hispanics most likely you won't find one in that part of the country.


Answer by  gyt (5)

There are some located in the San Diego area. they are relativly common there they have good food at a good value i would check there website if you are having trouble locating locations


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

I live in San Jose,California and I can tell you for sure there is one on Branham Lane,just before Camden Avenue.I have been there a few times whenever they have a good coupon.You did not say where in California you are,but there is a location in almost every city according to their website.

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