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Question by  jagadesh99959 (1)

When I check my e-mail, why is there a delay?


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

There is a delay because your computer must first find and start talking to the computer where your email is stored, then that computer must respond and send your computer the emails. Your computer is only a viewer for what your email host computer has on it, and not where the emails are actually kept until they are downloaded.


Answer by  dazyrose (66)

This could be because your server is running slow or the mail server is slow. If you have several e-mails, especially ones with graphics, this could cause a delay


Answer by  oldmom (716)

when you click to check your email, that sends a signal to your server and the email site, then the email site displays your email, the server sends it to you, and it takes a bit of time for these things to happen.


Answer by  Raghvendra (32)

May be this problem occurs because server responding is not usual at the internet access or ur internet connection strength is weak or requiring strength isn't available at the moment.


Answer by  yeswanth (235)

Because of system performance which is based on processor and main memory and internet connection speed. Try to upgrade both the things and there won't be delay.

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