Question by  jeremy73 (13)

What zodiac sign would be a good match for a relationship with a Pisces?


Answer by  deram (45)

Cancer and Taurus are most compatible zodiac signs for Pisces. Good relationship between Pisces and Scorpio is also possible. Cancer and Pisces share the quality of being emotional. They understand each other well due to their intuitive and sensitive nature. Their interest in music helps in strengthening the bond.


Answer by  candiexx (6)

Taurus and Pisces are an excellent match. Taurus will give Pisces a sense of high security, while Pisces will accentuate Taurus's taste for comfort and will let him feel loved.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

Any of the fellow water signs like Scorpio or Cancer. Virgo's are excellent for Pisces as well as Taurus. Geminis will be fun, but flighty and stay away from All fire signs like Leo, Sagitarrius and Aries.


Answer by  reinat (5)

A Cancer would be a good match for a Pisces as both are emotional. They are thus both able to sense each others' feelings.

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