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What type blood is more prone to mosquito bites?


Answer by  Wichita (84)

Mosquitoes are drawn to people based on a number of factors, not simply blood type. However, individuals with Type O blood are statistically more likely than those with other blood types to secrete a chemical marker that acts as an odorant and attracts mosquito landings (and hence, bites).

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I know that is true. I always said I am a mosquito magnet. Coat my body and clothes with Deep woods off and I still get at least 5 bites in a hour.  add a comment
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Forgot to add... that I am 0 negative.  add a comment

Answer by  Britt (453)

Mosquitoes are not attracted to any blood type more then another. In fact mosquitoes are attracted by body odor, sweat and Carbon Dioxide. Your blood type is not a factor.

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