Question by  Jmow (44)

What should I know about visiting Japan?

I'm coming from the US and going for 3 weeks.


Answer by  Cristina (339)

For of all, you should know a bit of its culture. Second, you should find out what actions and gestures are tolerated by them, as you wouldn't want to take the risk in offending the Japanese. Third, get to know about its currency and typical dishes.


Answer by  hiroshi (34)

You should know about the metro system in Japan. Because many Japanese cities have metro systems in each city around its center. It's very convenient for you to go anywhere near by city. And metro system will be cheaper than by taking a taxi. Japanese taxi's fare is very expensive for you.


Answer by  luckharm (77)

While visiting Japan two years ago, I learned the following. Tipping is not common in Japan, so do not tip in restaurants. When you visit the home of a Japanese person, you are expected to take your shoes off and wear the slippers that your host will offer you, even if they do not fit your feet.


Answer by  Mercuryman3a (113)

Japan is a group of islands and its capital is Tokyo. They speak Japanese in Japan. Atom bombs was dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Japan is one of the leading electronic and automobile giants in the world. Their manufactured computers, cameras, TVs and cars are flooding the world.

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