Question by  ram123 (30)

What should I know about freezing apples?


Answer by  Alex69 (32)

Freezing apples will rapidly go soft. During the freezing process, the water inside of the apple's cells expands, just like an ice cube in a tray grows larger. This expansion bursts the cell wall, so as the ice melts, the apple loses its ability to hold its shape.


Answer by  sooz (644)

Freezing apples is a good idea if you are using them in recipes but not if you plan to eat them whole. The texture of the apple changes after freezing. The apples should be clean but can be frozen whole or peeled, cored and sliced.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Peel core and slices the apples, put into water straight away. Blanche in a microwave or on the stove in a pan with water for 4-8 minutes, strain and put into freezable container leave to cool for a few minutes, put into freezer.

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